Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions you may have which we have addressed here, if your query isn’t covered please email us at

1: Who runs the scheme?
Buysta Ltd operates the scheme on behalf of all the Oil Buying Clubs that use the Buysta software.  Buysta doesn’t charge any additional fees for this and keeps members money in a separate account on behalf of the club managers.

2: How much should I save each month?
We suggest you look at your annual spend on oil and divide it by 11, this will ensure you save enough to cover any changes in short term prices or to take advantage of a dip in the market.  The minimum monthly amount is £30, there is no maximum.

3: Can I make additional payments?
Yes – just contact us and we will explain how to make additional one off payments into your account.

4: How will I know my balance?
The email your club manager sends you when they launch an order will show your balance as it was on the previous working day.  We can always provide ad-hoc balances on request.

5: Can I mix direct payment and budget account on an order?

Unfortunately, we can’t mix payments on an order, it has to be either all on account or all paid directly to the supplier.

6: What happens if I don’t have enough in my account for my order?
When your manager send the email with the order request we will show your balance.  If you want to order and choose to pay with your budget scheme then we will show that in the order confirmation.

Once the final price is known we will check that the quantity you ordered can be paid for via your budget account, assuming you chose this option.

If the account balance is enough for the order it will progress as normal and we will pay the supplier on your behalf.

If the account doesn’t have a sufficient balance for your order the we will either:

  • Reduce your order quantity by up to 20% (subject to a minimum of 500ltrs) to bring the order value within your account balance.


  • If the reduction doesn’t meet your account balance we will re-assign the order to a pay directly to supplier. We will notify the supplier of this change and ask them to contact you.

7: How does my account balance change with orders?
We show payments as credits to your account, these build up the balance.  The account balance is shown on your order emails.

When an order is confirmed and you have opted to pay via the budget scheme we show the estimated amount as a ‘pending payment’ in your account.  It reduces your available balance by the estimated value of your order, although the money hasn’t been passed to the supplier.

When the delivery is confirmed by the supplier we remove the ‘pending payment’ and replace it with the actual amount paid to the supplier.

8: How do I know when money moves in and out of my account?
Every time money moves in or out of your account you will receive email notification.  If you opt to pay for an order using your budget scheme then you are authorising Buysta Ltd to make the payment to the supplier on your behalf.

9: Can I take my money out if I move or leave the club?
Yes, you can close your account and withdraw the balance at anytime.

10: Joining the scheme:
Simply complete the standing order mandate for your bank and return it to us at:

Oil Buying Club
c/o Buysta Ltd
Unit 1, Manor Farm
Northampton Road
OX25 3QL

Or contact us by email at: