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Merton Oil Buying Club – June 1 2018 Oil Order

Red Horse Vale won our business on the 11th June for the 18th time and the Club order was for an estimated 31,709 litres.

Should you need to contact Red Horse Vale then please call them on 01926 642832. Please remember to state that you are part of the Merton Oil Buying Club.

The delivery times quoted were reasonable for this size of order and the number of drops.

The price obtained was 47.95 pence per litre (excluding VAT) in a volatile market.

The average price was 50.70 pence per litre for a 750 litre order representing savings of 2.75 pence per litre if you had ordered outside of the Merton Oil Buying Club.

For the 48 Club Members who ordered, an estimated total saving of £872 will be made.

Since October 2008, we have ordered 10,258,316 litres of kerosene with estimated savings in excess of £528,073. This averages at 5.15 pence per litre saving by ordering through the Merton Oil Buying Club.

If you have any queries or wish to know more about the Merton Oil Buying Club website then please email Steve Blood