Order Dates

Below you will find the SeSaME Oil Buying Club order deadlines for future orders.

If you are thinking of ordering oil through the SeSaME Oil Buying Club then please submit your registration form to me within 7 days of the order deadline date as a minimum. The sooner you register, the less chance there is of you missing the opportunity to order through the Club and saving money.

When it comes to an order being due I will email you with an order request well in advance and a link to enable you to place an order if you wish. You will also receive follow-up reminders

Please remember that the deadline is by 23:00 hours on the dates given below. Please do not leave your order to the last minute: Any oil orders submitted after the deadline may not be added to the main order.


Future Order Dates
Month Deadline Order Date
Nov 2016 Sunday 6th Nov
Dec 2016 Sunday 4th Dec
Jan 2107 Sunday 1st Jan
Feb 2017 Sunday 5th Feb
March 2017 Sunday 5th March

From last September, after no order in August, Deadline Order Dates were set on the first Sunday of the month.

Delivery will normally start on the Monday a week after the deadline, with a priority for orders marked as urgent to be delivered by the Friday before.  Friday delivery is a requested time but suppliers may not always be able to start Urgent delivery on the Friday. It is therefor important to try and avoid needing an Urgent delivery, especially during the cold months. Please do keep a close eye on your tank levels as emergency deliveries are not compatible with a competitive price. If you have a small tank you are better to order little and often, because with the Oil Buying Club, unlike a lone buyer, you will pay the same price per litre for 500  litres as for 1000 litres.

These dates up to date have been for the second Sunday of the month, but will move to the first Sunday from September and I will contact members through email when we are ready to create an order. We may order earlier for December,  because if there is extreme weather that month there is time for all our tanks  to be full for the period over Christmas,