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Dear SPOILS Member,

It is now four years since we set up the Sibton and Peasenhall Oil Syndicate and we have decided that this would be a good time to move the administration of the scheme to a more professional platform.  The software we have been using is out-dated and an increasing number of our members experience problems with sending in their orders on the email forms we send out.  Our membership continues to grow, exacerbating these issues. Having looked around for a better solution we have found a scheme where we can continue to control the orders and deliveries for our group but the process will be much easier to use for both you, our members, and us, the administrators.  There is no up-front charge for the new system, it is still free to join but they will put a fraction of a penny on each litre ordered to cover the cost of the professional maintenance and support that they supply.  This cost is taken direct from the supplier and will mean a very slightly higher price per litre, less than a penny, than we might have achieved under our old, home-made system. The security of our data is assured, no financial information is held on the system, and nobody, not even us, can access your personal account data. In other words, this is a duplicate of our existing system, but with professionally maintained software.


We will be sending contact details for our 144 members to the new system within the next week or two.  If you do not want your details to be passed across, please let us know as soon as possible and we will remove you from the list.  The next order round for the syndicate will be in early March but before then, you will receive e-mails from our new site which will include detailed instructions on how to use the system, but in the meantime if we can provide any further general information, please contact us on this address.


Please be assured that you are under no obligation to join us on the new system, but hopefully we will all be able to see the benefits of continuing to syndicate our orders and make the savings we have enjoyed for the past four years.


With best wishes,



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