Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

I have just been accepted a new member will I be added to the order the club is collecting now?

Yes, any new member accepted whilst an order is in progress is automatically included. As a new member you will not receive the initial order request e mail but will , subject to the normal deadlines, be included in reminder e mails.

If you join after the cut-off has passed then you are not included in the current order.

I have joined a club after an order cycle has begun but I haven’t received an order request e mail?

As a new member if you are registered after the start of an order cycle you are added to the order request but you don’t automatically receive a request e mail. You will receive reminders (assuming you haven’t ordered) when they are issued.

I want to join a club but I don’t have an email account or access to the internet?

This is a straightforward option:

You can approach your club co-ordinator who may run a facility for managing your account on your behalf or you can ask a friend or neighbour who is already in the scheme to manage your account. In either instance your delivery details can be set for your specific address.

Budget Scheme

How do I find out about the budget scheme?

All the details are available here

Who runs the budget scheme?

The scheme is run by Buysta Ltd, it operates all eth software used by your local buying club.

E Mail address

I want to change my e mail address, how do I do this?

Send your new e mail address to and we will change it. As the e mail address is core to the account at this time we don’t allow users to change their own address.

I don’t have an e mail address, can I still use the system?

Yes – see answer in my account .


I have forgotten my password and can’t login, what do I do?

On the login page select ‘reset password’ and you will be able to create a new password to login with.

I think someone else may have found out my password, what do I do?

Immediately change your password by logging in to your account, selecting profile from your dashboard and then creating a new password.


What is the ‘default tank’ in my account?

This is the tank that was set up automatically when you first joined.

How do I change the details for my tank?

Log in to your account – select ‘my tanks’ and then the tank you want to edit.  You can, subject to the status of a club order, edit the tank details.

How do I change the delivery information for my tank?

Log in to your account – select ‘my tanks’ and then the tank you want to edit.  The box  “delivery notes” contains the information that is passed to the supplier.  Amend the details in this and then select update – bottom right

Why can’t I delete my tank?

When orders are underway for a club then tanks can’t be deleted. They show as ‘closed’ on the ‘my tanks’ list. This is because we need to protect the integrity of the system during the order process. As soon as the order cut-off point is reached the tanks are released. They show as ‘open’ in the ‘my tanks’ list and can then be deleted.

My tank shows as closed when I look at my tanks list, why is this?

When orders are underway for a club they show as ‘closed’ on the ‘my tanks’ list. This is because we need to protect the integrity of the system during the order process. As soon as the order cut-off point is reached they show as ‘open’ in the ‘my tanks’ list.


I don’t want to order this month, how can I stop the reminders?

The e mail request that you receive includes a link to stop reminders for the current order cycle.

I missed the order deadline, can I still order?

It may be possible to add your requirement to the order. Contact your club manager and if the order hasn’t been issued to the suppliers then it may be possible to add your request. If the order has been issued then it’s too late to include it and you will have to wait for the next club order to be started.

My order confirmation e mail doesn’t show my landline number, just my mobile. Do the suppliers still get my landline number?

Yes, the supplier undertaking the delivery on behalf of the club is provided with all the numbers we have for you.

I have selected fill up, do I still need to place a quantity?

Yes, please estimate how much oil will be needed. This estimate is used by the suppliers to help plan deliveries.

I have received two confirmation emails for my order, does that mean I have ordered twice?

No, you can only place one order per tank in each Club order cycle. Receiving more than one e mail doesn’t affect this.  It’s possible that you pressed submit more than once.

How will I know who will be supplying my order and how much it will be?

Once the club administrator has selected the supplier you will receive an email confirming all of the delivery arrangements including, price, dates and payment processes.


Picking suppliers for the order, who does it?

The Club administrator selects the supplier for each order.  It’s usually a combination of best price and service.

I don’t have an account with the supplier making the delivery?

That’s not a problem.  The email you received notifying you of the price and delivery details also includes information on payment.