Meetings with MPs

We had a great day yesterday meeting MPs with rural constituencies. Therese Coffey and Paul Aldous both have a keen interest in rural affairs and in particular fuel poverty. As everyone knows it a busy time in politics so we are grateful for the time they made available to meet us.

Gerry, Julian and Therese Coffey MP

The strong rural bias in their constituencies means both Therese and Paul are acutely aware of the problems faced by heating oil users. Clearly the recent fall in prices has been a welcome improvement but the outlook is for oil prices to climb again, even if it’s not back to the heady heights of late 2013.

For many people moving to an alternative and cheaper energy source simply isn’t an option. Either the choice doesn’t exist – the mains gas network isn’t changing, or the cost of change is prohibitive. Swopping oil for biomass may result in lower costs but the upfront investment is more than many users can afford.

This means that oil buying clubs are an important tool for consumers and a way of lowering their energy costs without any upfront costs. Both Therese and Paul are aware of the schemes that already exist in their areas, our meetings were an opportunity for us to demonstrate the benefits of the system and how it can help small community groups and offer an alternative to the large council schemes.

We look forward to meeting more MPs.

What are the benefits of an oil buying club?

Community benefits

Many rural communities have no access to mains gas and with oil prices continuing to raise the price of heating oil is a huge cost for many households. It is not surprising then that the number of heating oil buying groups across the country is on the rise.

Setting up a heating oil club could be a great way for you, your neighbours and your community to save money on your deliveries.

The Oil Buying Club system allows you to stay in control.  You can invite members from across your community and select the suppliers you want to deal with.

And it’s free for club managers and members. Continue reading What are the benefits of an oil buying club?

Starting a new Club

Creating a community oil buying club is a very simple process – just three steps:

1: Establish that you have enough potential members in your area to make the club viable.


A club can start with as few as 20 members as long as everyone works together.  Ideally the new club should have the capacity to grow to 100+ members.  In rural areas it’s typically a collection of 3 or 4 villages as long as there is good support.

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Boilers and Boiler controls

Having the correct heating controls is essential for an efficient heating system. Clever use of controls can help you minimise energy consumption by ensuring each room is at the right temperature for comfort, while avoiding overheating.

With the help from articles from Which, The Energy Saving Trust and OFTEC we take a look at the key elements of a good heating system.

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Four New Year resolutions for home heating oil users

Save money on Home Heating Oil


It easy to have a long list of resolutions but often  just doing a few things well can make all the difference. Here are our four New Year tips to help heating oil    users reduce their costs in 2015.

1. Join an Oil Buying Club.

Even with the recent reductions in the cost of heating oil there are still major benefits to be had from joining your local heating oil buying club.  Oil clubs typically save members 10% Continue reading Four New Year resolutions for home heating oil users

Press Release – Nadder Oil Buying Club


The rising cost of energy bills has been a controversial and well documented cause of concern – sparking debate at the highest level.

Nowhere is this truer than in rural areas – especially if communities have to rely on often expensive heating oil to warm their homes because they are not connected to the main grid.

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Starting an Oil Buying Club – the SeSaME story

bannerFor several years in the village of Sedgeberrow we have sought to improve our environment credentials through the Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy Group (SeSaME).  The group has initiated a number of ideas to improve energy efficiency and lower costs for households in the area.  Part of this was an oil buying club which we established in 2011.  Running the club involved quite a lot of paperwork and so we restricted membership to the village.  However, it was always clear that the oil club produced real benefits for the villagers who were members; lower prices, less hassle with orders and the knowledge that fewer tankers were using our local roads.

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Heating Oil Clubs are ordering for Christmas

Heating Oil Tank

We may not be experincing the snow fall that America is but the recent drop in temperatures  is a timely reminder winter is fast approaching.  Experienced Oil Buying Club Managers know that November is the most important order of the year.  It’s the last opportunity for club members to fill up ahead of the Christmas period, with supplier schedules affected by depot closures during the seasonal break and January often being the start of colder weather and increased demand for oil.

The Met Office review of the month so far suggests Autumn has been warmer and wetter than normal.  Gas suppliers have ‘felt the heat’ with lower demand impacting profits.  Centrica – British Gas has reported demand down 21% amongst domestic users in the first 10 months of this year. Continue reading Heating Oil Clubs are ordering for Christmas

Welcome to SeSaME Oil Buying Club

A warm welcome to Mike Parker and the members of SeSaME Oil Buying Club – .

Based in Sedgeberrow, the club covers an area to the south west of Evesham in Worcestershire.  We first met Mike when we presented at a meeting of Parish Councillors within the Wychavon District Council area.  A meeting followed on from that which led us to launching the club on the Oil Buying Club System.

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