What is the scheme?

The Club runs by bringing members of the local community together to order their oil.  The suppliers offer a discount because they only need to send one vehicle to the area.

The supplier saves on manpower and vehicle usage, and we have less traffic through our villages.

To get the best discounts the aggregate order needs to be 10,000 litres or more.

How does the scheme work?

About eleven times per year – I will contact you for an order. The minimum order is 500 litres. If you wish to order, your order will be aggregated with everyone else who wishes to order at that time.

On the buying date, I will contact several suppliers for price and delivery quotations. I will select best option from the price and delivery options available on that day. The supplier will deliver; and you will receive an individual invoice from the supplier. If we use a supplier who is new to you, they may request payment before delivery. The organiser will act as your agent in placing the order.

How much does the scheme cost?

Membership is FREE and as a member you are under no obligation purchase any oil.

There is a levy of 0.25p a litre which we will arrange and pass on to the buyer’s village to encourage their participation.

Who will be supplying the Oil

This is a decision I take, I will seek a combination of best price and service on the chosen oil buying date. Whilst price is the dominant factor, sometimes the lowest price is associated with poor service. There is little point getting the lowest price if it comes with poor service.

Can I choose the delivery date?

No but we will let you know when to expect the delivery when we raise the order. It is wise to watch oil levels closely and avoid getting to the URGENT stage, because we  can’t guarantee if extreme weather, or other unforeseen incident occurs, that the chosen supplier will always deliver on the first planned date.

The discount is achieved because the supplier is able to consolidate delivery numbers and times.

How do I pay for my oil?

Normally, you will be expected to telephone the supplier to provide payment details. By doing that your order will be confirmed. You will receive an email on the order buying date notifying you of the supplier and the number to call.

If however are already a customer of the supplier, there is a good chance that they deliver without prior payment, in which case you will receive an invoice and be expected to pay promptly.

I’m running low. When can I expect my oil?

The only way we get good prices is by allowing full tankers to deliver to very local areas.

If you are running low, we can try to help by prioritising your order, but the earliest you can expect your oil will be 5 days following the nominated oil buying date. If you are really low, you must consider finding an alternative supplier.

Do I have to be in when the Oil is delivered?

Not if:-

a) The delivery driver can gain easy access to the tank to fill it and you are prepared to accept their delivery note as proof of what they delivered.

b) You have already paid for the fuel or are a regular customer of the supplier.

If you have provided (say) a neighbour with keys to enable access, please provide that information in the “Message to Driver” box in the online order form.

When will I know the price?

Not until the order is placed. I will call several suppliers.

As soon as the price is agreed, you will be notified by email to confirm the order.