Starting a new Club

Creating a community oil buying club is a very simple process – just three steps:

1: Establish that you have enough potential members in your area to make the club viable.


A club can start with as few as 20 members as long as everyone works together.  Ideally the new club should have the capacity to grow to 100+ members.  In rural areas it’s typically a collection of 3 or 4 villages as long as there is good support.

Put up some simple flyers in the villages in the immediate vicinity and give potential members somewhere to contact you.

A word about club size and viability:

The club buying system generates savings for members by being more efficient for Oil Distributors.  For the efficiency savings to work club orders need to average 15,000 litres or more.  Clearly, when a club first starts out it may be that orders of this size can’t be achieved and smaller orders will be the norm.  However, the long term success of the club will depend on overall order sizes growing to a level sufficient to generate the savings for Distributors that can be shared with members

Once you are happy there is enough interest – contact us and we will create your club….

2: Create your club.


We will set up your new club on the system.  We have some basic club guidelines and FAQ’s.  We will help you set up Facebook pages and other social media links.

We will also contact suppliers in your area to let them know you are starting a club.

That’s it – you’re then ready to go – send out a flyer or email (we can help with that) to everyone who registered an interest and ask them to create their accounts on the club site. It’s also a good idea to put up notices in local shops, pubs, halls and churches.  lot’s of people will want to join to save money.

  • Contact and request a club setup.
  • Once you have your club login go ahead and invite members to join your club.

It’s really that simple.


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