What are the benefits of an oil buying club?

Community benefits

Many rural communities have no access to mains gas and with oil prices continuing to raise the price of heating oil is a huge cost for many households. It is not surprising then that the number of heating oil buying groups across the country is on the rise.

Setting up a heating oil club could be a great way for you, your neighbours and your community to save money on your deliveries.

The Oil Buying Club system allows you to stay in control.  You can invite members from across your community and select the suppliers you want to deal with.

And it’s free for club managers and members.

Working together saves you money:


The cost an oil supplier charges you depends on a number of factors. Whilst the most significant element of the cost is the price your supplier pays the refinery for the oil, they also take into account how much it costs them to deliver to you and the volume of the oil being delivered.

While you can’t affect the price of oil from the refinery by banding together with other households in the same delivery you can reduce the delivery costs for your supplier and often get a better deal for a bigger quantity than you would have managed on your own.  By working together as a local community you can ensure you all benefit from the best prices.

Working together saves you time and hassle:

By working together club members can save time and hassle by not having to shop around.  The club ensures that everyone gets the best price without spending hours on the phone.

Co-ordinating a local buying club doesn’t need to take much time.  The Oil Buying Club system is simple to use and club managers can process a complete club order; from member request to completed delivery, with just three clicks on their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Reassurance that you are getting the best price:

It’s difficult to compare prices from oil suppliers and being part of a club is a way to give re-assurance about the cost of heating oil.  The club ensures its members get the best price possible.  The benefits of buying as a group mean that club prices are usually well below those available to individual customers.

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