Welcome to the Nadder Oil Buying Club

The Club was started in 2012   We aim to provide really competitive prices to anyone needing 500 litres of kerosene (28 second Heating Oil) or more.  We now have over 1100 members with more than 1300 tanks and, in addition to members’ homes, we supply Village Halls, Businesses and Churches. Many members order for several other tanks, particularly where neighbours are not computer savvy.

We cover the villages around Salisbury and Shaftesbury  (Click on the Club Area on the tab bar above)  For those of you challenged in the map reading department that is north as far as Pewsey, Market Lavington and Netheravon.  East as far as Bulford, West Tytherley and Landford.  South as far as Verwood, Iwerne Minster and Tarrant Hinton.  Finally, in the west, we take in Mere, Gillingham and East Stour.  If in doubt contact me on richard.willan@me.com

The way the system works is fairly straightforward.  Twice a month we send you an email asking if you need oil for delivery either by the middle or end of the month.  If you don’t need oil, just ignore the email and opt out of that session’s subsequent reminders.  If you need oil, submit the amount you need within the time specified and you will then receive an acknowledgement.  In 2022 orders totalled just under 1.5M litres.

After the specified date, we negotiate with the oil companies and you then receive an email saying by when the delivery will take place and at what price.  If within twenty four hours of receiving the order confirmation, you find that you can buy better, just drop us an email and your order will be cancelled  You pay the supplier direct on receipt of invoice. The supplier is selected based on the value offered including the service they provide to club members.  We enjoy very good relationships with a number of local suppliers.  Please ensure, when you register, that you fill in as much detail as possible, especially whether the access to your tank dictates a small four wheel tanker or even a very small mini tanker rather than the standard six wheeler. The format you use to fill in these details dictates how the system addresses you!  Be aware that the very small tankers of which most suppliers only have one incur a surcharge on the negotiated price.

Over the last twelve months orders have averaged 120,000 litres and we have saved members over £30,000 on the cost of their heating oil; as our membership grows so the savings increase.  The savings arise from the benefits suppliers generate from lower delivery and administration costs, while we benefit from lower prices and fewer tankers on our roads.

Please tell as many friends, neighbours and relatives about the scheme.  The more who join the bigger the savings.  If you have a local shop or Post Office which would agree to display a box of cards for people to take, just let me know.

Another benefit of the system, is the ability to help a neighbour without IT skills.  A member can register a second tank, the filling of which can be controlled by the member liaising with the owner and the supplying oil company then invoices the owner of the second tank direct.

Some key questions are covered in the FAQ section

Richard Willan