Maintenance and Security

Tank Renewal, Repairs and Maintenance is important and all too easily overlooked

Several members have asked if we know of a reliable firm to resolve issues relating to tank installations.  One such firm in the area is Tank Services based on the A30 at Sutton Mandeville

Ross Cowan and Chris Ford set up the business 12 years ago and the company undertakes tank related business throughout the area covered by NOBC.  To see the full range of Tank Services products, log on to their website

The company tries to give a discount where possible to customers quoting NOBC.  So if your oil flow is low or you are worried about any aspect of your tank or oil lines, contact Tank Services on 01722 714514

Security is important if your tank can be accessed easily from a lane or other quiet vehicular access.  One member has had his tank contents stolen twice, so it is worth locking with a padlock which cannot easily be cut by bolt cutters.

As well as pumping out an easily accessed tank, it has been known for thieves to heat up a scaffolding pipe and insert it through the plastic side of the tank, draining the contents.  This leaves the hapless householder with a bill for a new tank.  If you can make access to the side of the tank difficult, it may deter those who like to get their oil even cheaper than NOBC can negotiate.


  1. Dear All
    I would like to inform all of your clients that recently I have had oil taken from my tank. I have reported this to Crime stoppers so if anyone has any information that can help catch these horrible people it would be greatly appreciated.
    I am letting you know about my theft to try and help others from having to go through the same trauma.
    Kind Regards
    Heather Love
    3 Dairy Road, Barford St. Martin

  2. Hello I have just signed up to fill my oil tank (as I have just moved house to Oxley. Cow drove. Chilmark. SP3 5AJ .) I was just wondering if a survey could be done of my oil tank (my home insurance people want to know) and also how do I pay? Or do I just get an invoice after I receive the oil? Also will I be notified as to when this will happen and do I need to be here? Sorry so many questions!
    Many thanks Jane

    • Jane,

      The best people to do a survey of your tank are Southern Tank Services on the A30 at Sutton Mandeville. Also known as Tank Services.

      With regard to payment, most suppliers expect payment within 7 days of invoice. Some suppliers delivery notes double as the invoice. Occasionally a supplier who has not dealt with you before asks for payment before delivery. After that they put you on to 7 day terms

      If your tank is unlocked, you do not need to be in.


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